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HARMONiQ is a revolutionary sales, accounting, inventory and business management software – all in one.

Is an ERP right for you?

A completely integrated business solution.

Software that will support your business, not disrupt it.

HARMONiQ is a customisable and scalable business management and ERP software solution that lets you optimise your processes to drive efficiency, while also providing the flexibility to support business growth.

With the ability to integrate processes from CRM, to e-Marketing to inventory and stock control, HARMONiQ offers a complete integrated business solution – giving you the ability to streamline processes while maintaining full transparency across business operations.

Be in complete control of your stock

Achieve process automation with inventory and sales management software

Within wholesale and distribution industries, inventory and warehouse management is a huge job – and one that is hard to do effectively. It greatly affects a business’s ability to manage cost and can negatively impact both profitability and customer experience.

Inventory and sales management software can provide complete process automation for every aspect of your business’s inventory management:





Process automation works with your existing systems to automate workflow, increase productivity and decrease costs caused by inefficient manual practices.

With HARMONiQ, inventory and sales management are combined with business reporting software, producing transparency across the entire business so you always know the where, when and why of your products, sales and performance.

Features to help you fine tune your business performance

  • Accounting

    HARMONiQ’s general ledger provides powerful financials for your business – supporting multi-currency trade if required.

  • Inventory Management

    The advanced inventory system saves you time by being able to stock and track inventory by piece, box, pallet, shades and size, with product images on-screen for sales staff.

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting

    Generate insightful reports on all aspects of your business, forecast revenue and track your pipeline with advanced reporting functions.

  • Stock Control

    Get automated and accurate insights in your stock. Easily manage stock levels according to orders and sales.

  • Warehouse Management

    Get full visibility of your entire inventory in every warehouse. See what’s available and what’s committed (e.g sales, quotes, held/picking, transfer, allocation, backorders).

  • Sales Orders & Quotes

    Produce accurate quotes with powerful job costing capabilities. Automate and track sales orders and quotes to improve your staff and customers’ experience.


    Provide your staff with one platform for tracking and collaborating on sales, inventory and performance.


    Produce beautifully designed emails with sophisticated segmenting to send and track targeted emails to your database.


    Collect and curate all customer data in one easy to access location to streamline how your team sells and markets.

  • ERP

    Integrate your financials, reporting, sales and CRM platforms to give you an accurate big-picture view of your business performance to plan effectively for the future.


    With Front-to-Back office and warehouse management, your sales staff will have full visibility of inventory for multiple warehouses, with on-screen images of each product.


    Automation is the way of the future. Transform your business efficiency with clever and customisable workflow automation.

Used across a wide range of Industries







“Overall, working with the Micronet team to implement HARMONiQ has been a really positive experience for us. I never had any fears about achieving our desired results.”

Jon SchrootenHead of Finance & Strategy, Amber Tiles

“We have found HARMONiQ extremely useful and couldn’t do without it. In comparison to our last system, which was very restrictive and limiting, HARMONiQ is highly customisable and very user friendly and has been a great assistance in making our company more system driven.”

Martin Waite Customer Service & Marketing Manager, UNEX Systems

“In contrast to the clunky, outdated experience we had with MYOB, HARMONiQ has been so flexible! It’s going to take a long time for us to max out this software. We can already tell we’ve got everything we need to focus on growing the business successfully – and the certainty that our business management platform can grow with us!”

Darren Gershbach Founder, Gershgoods

“It has been a great experience communicating with John from HARMONiQ. The customised dashboard he has built on our ERP System will transform how our company operates – from the way we manufacture to the efficiency of our lead times.”

Shane HubbardNational Sales Manager
Is an ERP right for you

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