4 simple steps you can take right now to increase revenue from your sales quotations

By Drew Arthur

So much depends on a sales quotation: making the sale, generating revenue, and driving the customer relationship forward.

But they don’t always get the attention they deserve. We leave it up to the salesperson to do what they will and often, they’re never heard of again. And your sales, revenue, and relationships all suffer as a result. Here are four simple steps to improve your sales processes from the quotation stage, to ensure this never happens again.

Step 1: Get visibility of your quote-to-revenue ratio

If there’s one number that will motivate you to optimise your sales quotation process, it’s the quote-to-revenue ratio, a.k.a. your closure rate. Do you currently have visibility of how many quotes that get sent out actually translate to revenue?

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Predictions vs reality: challenges for the accounting industry

By Drew Arthur

What to watch out for:

In December 2013, an article published by BRW* flagged three major industry trends likely to have a significant impact on the accounting landscape:

  • Growing competition

It’s no longer just other accounting firms you’re competing against. All the way from the big four down to the boutique agency, accountants are increasingly dealing with a host of new competitors – investment banks, consulting firms, technology firms – each wanting a piece of your pie.

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