Earn more from your median-value customers – without increasing headcount

By Drew Arthur

If you could elevate the revenue you earn from your median-value customers closer to your top value customers without increasing your head count, would you do it? Of course you would.

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Don’t let your best clients outgrow your services

By Drew Arthur

Recent trends in accounting technology have seen products like Xero and MYOB focus on making the software simpler and cheaper. While these are no doubt great entry-level products that suit micro and small businesses to a tee, they don’t allow for much room to grow. The problem with small business software is that they often only contend with the current concerns of a business. In many cases, assisting a small business to implement a small package may only help them stay that way: small!

On the other hand, the high growth businesses that we all love working for, they grow out of such products pretty quickly. As a result, your best clients may begin looking for alternatives to their small business software and your services that go with them.

If you really want to help your clients (and future clients) grow, and more importantly, grow with you, then you should be help them implement a platform that supports their growth.

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