Automated warehouse system

5 benefits of installing an automated warehouse system

Automated warehouse systems are made to make nearly every aspect of your business easier.

Complex inventory-heavy businesses with high volume distribution can easily find it hard to keep on top of everything. And when you can’t efficiently control your stock, you run the risk of losing time, money and ultimately customers.

An automated warehouse system streamlines workflows and integrates your systems to ensure cohesive information across your business.

And because of their extensive and customisable capabilities, they are able to deliver a wide range of benefits regardless of industry or business size.

5 ways you’ll benefit from warehouse automation

Cost Savings

Inventory-heavy businesses can easily cost a lot more money than they need to. High stock costs, poor ordering decisions, required overtime for employees – the costs add up. By utilising warehouse automation, you can decrease or completely eliminate costly elements of your business. Say goodbye to stocktake, deadstock lines and tedious manual tasks.

Improved efficiency

Tasks can be slow when your systems aren’t integrated. There are constant verbal and written communications required, swapping between systems to access data, and tasks handed from person to person due to a lack of clear process. An automated system removes these inefficiencies, streamlining and automating all processes while integrating systems to talk to each other. This provides wider business visibility and accurate access to your business data, meaning you can make data-driven decisions for your business.

Increased Productivity

When processes are manual or only partly automated, staff can spend a lot of time on tedious, time-consuming tasks. By utilising an automated system to do the onerous tasks, you free up staff to focus their time and attention on doing the aspects of their roles that are most valuable for the business.

Minimise error

Like we just mentioned, staff are often stuck completing tedious tasks. Repetitive or highly manual things like data entry, stocktake or checking invoices increase the risk of human error. An automated warehouse system can not only do these things for you but can also pick up errors and alert you to them. This saves time and money but also legitimises your data to be used across the rest of the business.

Higher level service

After the ordering, the management, the pricing… the last stop is the customers. Although an important part of business, they can often be a casualty of inefficient business processes. Through automation, you can improve your customer service through communication (follow up emails and quotes), stocking (using data to identify buying trends and stocking appropriately), and service (clear communication between sales and warehousing means a heightened ability to sell well).

Discover the benefits of an automated warehouse system for yourself

Many businesses have decided to make the move to warehouse automation, recognising the considerable benefits it brings to their business.

When you choose the right system and provider, you should begin to see the benefits – and the return on your investment – almost immediately.

And, by choosing a flexible and scalable system, you will be supported through periods of growth well into the future, without having to change or upgrade your system.

Implementing an automated warehouse system comes with many benefits, but is also a big decision. To get more information about whether it’s right for your business, download our free Effective Stock Management eBook here.