Big Data for businesses: becoming a data driven organisation

Is data driving the business decisions you make in your organisation? Are your business decisions rooted in actual results and insights from performance, or are they just based on gut feel?

Small to medium businesses have traditionally relied on gut feel alone to drive decision making. It’s not because organisations are unwilling to crunch the numbers to help decision making, but because tracking, organising, and analysing large volumes of business data has been simply unaffordable and too time-consuming to justify. So, the benefits of big data decision-making seemed only attainable by big business.

But that’s no longer the case.

Today, organisations have just as much access as big business to make smarter, more informed, data-driven decisions. When organisations embrace big data, they can replace the traditional gut-feel approach by developing an educated understanding of their business, backed with statistical evidence.

But implementing a data-driven approach in your business can seem daunting.

Over the years, I’ve worked with numerous companies across Australia and New Zealand to help them successfully utilise the power of Big Data for businesses. I’ve seen the most common challenges they face – and have helped them access the tools they need to overcome them.

In this blog, I’ve outlined the three most common challenges organisations face when trying to become more data driven – and how to overcome them.

Three common big data challenges for businesses:


1. Challenge One: Not knowing what to track

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Being able to capture all your Big Data in one platform seamlessly, is crucial for becoming a data-driven business.

For most organisations, data is often under-utilised because most businesses simply don’t know what they can track, or what they should be tracking. Many business leaders I speak with just limit themselves to Net Profit and Gross Profit figures, and if those numbers tell a good story, they see no need to dig further.

To be a truly data-driven business you need to think beyond tracking profit value and consider the other elements of your company that offer invaluable insights to future growth and productivity.  Even if your business is seeing growth in revenue or profit, think about how much more it could be making if you were tracking and analysing your data more effectively.

With a world of data out there, ready to improve your businesses current financial state, you simply need the tools to capture it, and the guidance on what to track. We offer just that, in the HARMONiQ Power of Big Data eBook, click here to download your copy.

With more and more organisations turning to the power of Big Data to make informed decisions about elements of their business, HARMONiQ offers the perfect data software solution that is easy to manage and use. Setting a focus for your big data strategy is crucial, and with the adoption of HARMONiQ, your business can become driven by real time data.

2. Challenge Two: Lack the tools or the time to collect data 

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HARMONiQ’s ERP platform is designed specifically to cut manual labour, saving you both time and money.

Often data goes uncaptured due to the lack of tools or time available to spend gathering it. Data in the form of excel spreadsheets or paper based capture is time-consuming and relies significantly on manual labour.

HARMONiQ is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that captures data seamlessly from all departments, such as your inventory, sales, business management, and accounting systems. Overall, this allows businesses to spend more time focusing on deciding on outcomes, rather than on data capture. With the added ability to truly personalise the system to match the way you want your business to operate, and your people to work together it’s a software solution of its own class. To see how powerful Big Data can be, download the HARMONiQ Power of Big Data eBook and become a data-driven organisation today.

3. Challenge Three: Inability to turn data into meaningful insights

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Equipped with the power of Big Data for business, you can make educated decisions backed by statistical evidence.

In my experience, most small-medium enterprise business owners usually only interrogate the data when they need an answer to a specific question, or something has gone wrong. But, ad hoc reporting of this nature is often limited and reactive. As the business leader, all the pressure is on you as the decision maker, and often you’ll find yourself not knowing anything is wrong until after the fact.

You lack in-depth insights that can help you identify trends, and be proactive. By engaging with the power of Big Data in your business, it enables you to make educated decisions and manage your risks based on previous data. HARMONiQ provides visual dashboards with a control desk which only shows you the information that you need to know to make decisions quickly, meaning you can rhythmically access meaningful data, accurately.

How can I start leveraging Big Data?

Big Data for businesses opens a world of opportunities to take your organisation to the next level by increasing efficiency, and improving operation structures. As a data-driven entity, you have the edge over your competitors because you can easily identify what inventory you’re selling the most and establish a gap in the market. Meaning data can help you make good decisions early.

Download the HARMONiQ: Power of Big Data eBook today as your next step guide on how to be a data driven organisation. The eBook  will help you identify how Big Data can be utilised in your business to leverage your ROI.

If you would like to see HARMONiQ solutions in action and witness the power of Big Data for yourself, then click here to request a demo and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Author bio:

Drew Arthur is the Managing Director of Micronet Systems and is focused on helping business leaders overcome inefficient sales, inventory, and customer relationship management practices by leveraging cutting edge technology. If you want to gain better control of the sales processes in your business, click here to organise a demo to see how HARMONiQ Business Tuning Software can make a difference to your business, or get in touch.

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