Big Data software for your clients: Why Big Data is changing businesses of all sizes

Does real-time data back your client’s decision-making or do they just rely on a gut feel approach?

With a world of data out there, think about how much more your clients’ business could improve if they were backed by robust data analysis and insights.

Many people think leveraging Big Data software is unaffordable and too time-consuming for small to medium businesses, but is this really the case?

Today, businesses of all sizes use data to obtain greater visibility of current trends and market activity, enabling them to make effective decisions, create opportunities, and control their inventory.

When your clients’ organisations embrace the power of Big Data, they have the potential to develop an informed understanding of their business, backed by hard numbers.

In this month’s blog, I’ve outlined the three most common ways a shift to Big Data can benefit your clients’ organisation.

Three ways Big Data software can improve your clients’ business


1. Effective decision making

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For your client, Big Data software will increase the effectiveness of their everyday decision-making.

Traditionally, you will find most of your small to medium clients rely on a gut feel approach when it comes to important decision-making. Because decision-makers in companies of this size are often the business owners or CEOs, relying on a gut feel approach is time-consuming and can lead to unaffordable delays in important decisions.

In our experience, your clients will usually only investigate data when they need an answer to a specific question, or when something has gone wrong. A major issue with this approach is it makes your clients’ business reactive and not pro-active. Helping your client manage their business is difficult enough, but without real-time data, they won’t be aware of a problem until it’s too late, and they can’t just hand over some of the pressures of decision-making to their staff.

Implementing Big Data software in your clients’ organisation empowers their staff with the ability to make data-driven decisions so that the owner or CEO can focus on the higher-level strategic initiatives of the business. Download your copy of the HARMONiQ Power of Big Data eBook to see how data-driven decision making can empower your clients’ staff and improve their organisations.

2. Opportunity creation

Connecting the pieces of the puzzle.

Increase the creation of opportunities within your clients’ business when you help them unlock the power of Big Data.

A data-driven organisation can access insights that lead to opportunity creation and optimisation. Big Data can allow your client to identify why some customers are growing faster than others, and how they can work to improve relationships with their weaker customers.

Often Big Data software can break down your clients’ customers and salespeople into three categories: Average, Good, and Great.

Using this grading system, your clients’ may decide to assign their top performing resources to under-performing opportunities to lift their standing. Alternatively, they may decide to have their poorer performing resources shadow their top performers for training purposes.

Big Data helps your clients’ business by giving them visibility of open opportunities in their organisation so they can make the correct resourcing decisions.

Learn more about opportunity tracking for your clients’ organisation in the HARMONiQ Power of Big Data eBook.

3. Inventory control

Stock of inventory

For your client, effectively controlling their inventory has never been easier with HARMONiQ’s ERP software.

Your client’s inventory should be treated like cash because, at the end of the day, the money they’ve spent on inventory has an opportunity cost. Unfortunately, clients’ like yours, often make the mistake of letting excess inventory lie – what else could they be doing with the funds they have tied up in excess inventory?

HARMONiQ’s ERP platform is specifically tailored to help your clients assess what stock isn’t selling well, or where it is selling best, and what products they should be restocking. Their inventory will be monitored around the clock, enabling your clients to make effective purchasing decisions based on real-time inventory data.

Big Data software will ensure your clients’ inventory is up to date, is tracked at all times, and is easily comparable with market trends. To find out more about inventory control for your clients’ business, download the HARMONiQ Power of Big Data eBook.

How can my client begin leveraging Big Data software?

When Big Data software drives your clients’ organisation, they have the edge over their competitors because they can easily track, record, and utilise data in their business to facilitate and expedite the decision-making process.

Download the HARMONiQ: Power of Big Data eBook today as your guide on assisting your client in becoming driven by the power of Big Data. This eBook will help your client identify how Big Data can be utilised in their business to lift their performance.

If you would like to see HARMONiQ solutions in action and witness the power of Big Data for yourself, then click here to request a demo and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Author bio:

Drew Arthur is the Managing Director of Micronet Systems and is focused on working with accountants and professional services providers to help their clients tune their business by leveraging cutting-edge technology. If you want to help your clients gain further efficiencies within their business while boosting your revenue, click here to see how HARMONiQ Business Tuning Software can make a difference to their business and your own, or get in touch.

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