Don’t let your best clients outgrow your services

By Drew Arthur

Recent trends in accounting technology have seen products like Xero and MYOB focus on making the software simpler and cheaper. While these are no doubt great entry-level products that suit micro and small businesses to a tee, they don’t allow for much room to grow. The problem with small business software is that they often only contend with the current concerns of a business. In many cases, assisting a small business to implement a small package may only help them stay that way: small!

On the other hand, the high growth businesses that we all love working for, they grow out of such products pretty quickly. As a result, your best clients may begin looking for alternatives to their small business software and your services that go with them.

If you really want to help your clients (and future clients) grow, and more importantly, grow with you, then you should be help them implement a platform that supports their growth.

What does a ‘platform for growth’ look like?

Great software that is designed to support a business’s growth:

  1. Is really flexible to scale as the business grows and adaptable to a changing landscape;
  2. Extends beyond just the financial position of the company by bringing all the key business functions on to a single platform;
  3. Has the capacity to help businesses implement changes without dramatically impacting their staff and operations;
  4. Gives you the opportunity to support their growth through your domain expertise on how to manage that change within a business; and
  5. Is customisable to both the needs of the client business, and also your own unique capabilities as their trusted advisor.

So how does HARMONiQ stack up as a solution?

Businesses need software that facilitate their growth: to automate processes, create efficiencies, and become more effective in every day operations.

That’s why we designed HARMONiQ to:

  • Be inherently adaptable, robust and scalable, which means it will grow with your business and never need to be replaced;
  • Incorporate key business functions – financials, commercials, Business Intelligence, inventory management, customer relationship management, and marketing – all within a single, seamlessly integrated platform;
  • Have the smallest implementation footprint and fastest customisation times in the industry;
  • Give you the opportunity to leverage your domain expertise and own IP to facilitate your clients’ growth, so that you can embed your services into their businesses; and
  • Be truly personalised to match the way your clients operate and to how you can deliver the most value to their business.

HARMONiQ is designed to help you differentiate from the hundreds of other firms providing similar, commoditised services. The combination of sophisticated, highly customisable software with your own domain knowledge and IP means that the services you provide will be absolutely unique, and allow you to position as a leader in your chosen space.

Here’s the story of one of our partners on how they successfully leverage HARMONiQ to strengthen their existing clients relationships, and win new ones.


I hope these thoughts will help you as you help drive growth for your clients and give you some ideas about what you should be looking at to help you do so successfully. If you are facing any of the issues I’ve written about above and would like to discuss, please call me on 02 9542 2000.

Alternatively, tell me your thoughts about this blog by leaving a comment below.


Provide your clients a platform for growth

For more information on how HARMONiQ can help you tick all these boxes, and a lot more, download our Channel Partner Programme now.

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