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What could erp automation do for your business?

Is an ERP right for you
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What could erp automation do for your business?

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Is an ERP right for you

Gain access, control and visibility across every location and every item

Manage stock management, financials, reporting and more – all in one

Struggling with limited visibility over stock management?

As an electrical wholesaler, your stock is your livelihood – poor visibility over stock levels across the business mean making poor ordering decisions, not delivering on customer needs and lost profits.

Finding the right solution can be a struggle too.

Software that isn’t customised to your individual business needs, or requires extensive manual processes on top of rigid systems will slow you down – and can even be worse than no software at all.


Simple, powerful, flexible software designed and built for you.

HARMONiQ is the first ERP built specifically to meet the needs of electrical wholesale businesses. Each system is truly personalised to your company, your people and the way you operate.

  • All the functions an electrical wholesaler could need

  • Pick and choose what you need, don’t get stuck with the lot

  • A single, scaleable system that can grow as you grow

  • Fastest customisation times in the industry

  • Everything you’d expect from a big budget platform – with none of the costs of a start-up

Enjoy integrated features made for ease of use and widespread visibility for all users:

Stock management & control

Multi location analysis and reporting

Payments & Financials

Orders & delivery


“We have found HARMONiQ extremely useful and couldn’t do without it. In comparison to our last system, which was very restrictive and limiting, HARMONiQ is highly customisable and very user friendly and has been a great assistance in making our company more system driven.”

Martin WaiteUnex Systems

Revolutionise your business with a simple, powerful and unrivaled solution

With the smallest footprint and fastest customisation times in the industry, you can brighten the future of your electrical wholesale business.