How Steeline Hunter are able to PROCESS 30% MORE ORDERS without having to increase staff

A desire to increase customer satisfaction turned into a transition to a new transparent and flexible system

A privately owned and operated company that sits within the Steeline group, Steeline Hunter has been manufacturing quality roofing products for supply to industrial companies, builders, roofers and even homegrown DIYers for over 12 years.

With such a diverse range of customers and products, Steeline Hunter had been experiencing some real inefficiencies:

Inability to track customer interactions

Unable to integrate systems and machines

Inefficient sales and order tracking process

Stagnant and non-current information flows

To rectify these inefficiencies, Steeline Hunter were originally keen to invest in a quality CRM — something that would allow them to continue delivering the best experience for their customers, while helping the internal team maximise their efforts.

But on top of this, they had been keeping their finger on the pulse of trends across other industries and wanted to ensure they were able to compete with the best out there and invest in technology that would support them moving into the future.

“We had a general interest in the progression of our own business, so we asked other people, how are you doing things? What’s possible?”Grahame Prosser, Managing Director

Bringing integration and optimisation together

As an existing Micronet user, they were familiar with the system and capabilities. But it wasn’t until they started investigating CRM possibilities that they discovered Micronet had built their own CRM as part of the new ERP system they were developing – HARMONiQ.

Knowing that system optimisation and integration was something that they wanted to achieve on top of CRM capabilities, Steeline Hunter decided that investing in the new HARMONiQ system was the way to go.

“A big part of making the decision to go with HARMONiQ was that it could covert and work with our existing data”

– Grahame Prosser, Managing Director

Small steps to a big change

The transition itself was completed in two phases; first with the original implementation of the CRM system, followed by the full migration to HARMONiQ.

This approach not only suited the needs of Steeline Hunter – who were keen to implement a CRM but happy to wait a little longer for a complete ERP – but also eased the challenge of training staff.

By the time the full migration took place, front office staff were already comfortable with the system from using CRM – leaving them to really focus on the back-office staff’s needs.

While the migration was relatively simple and completed over one weekend, the preparation and follow up was a more extensive process:

  • The HARMONiQ team undertook an investigation process to understand how the Steeline Hunter business worked and what they needed out of an ERP system
  • HARMONiQ configured the system, customising it to meet Steeline Hunter’s needs
  • Analysis and testing were carried out, to ensure processes could be carried over to the new system and work efficiently
  • Following the migration, the HARMONiQ team spent a few days onsite with Steeline Hunter to support staff and troubleshoot initial problems.

Unparalleled efficiency felt company-wide

Since implementing HARMONiQ, Steeline Hunter have been enjoying the efficiency improvements the system provides, with two major features making a difference company-wide.

1. Dashboard

The dashboard (or control desk) capabilities have dramatically reduced the amount of reporting that Steeline Hunter has had to do, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Steeline Hunter’s reporting time has reduced by over 80% since implementing HARMONiQ while also having access to more information than they ever used to get.

“Daily and weekly reporting across our organisation was estimated to be taking 2-3 hours per week. It’s now been reduced to about half an hour:”

2. Sales Orders

Before HARMONiQ, the information on the sales orders page was difficult to find, sort and interpret. Now, with the ability to sort and filter the data in any way they want, Steeline Hunter is able to access all orders and customer insights with ease and speed. They estimate they are now processing 30% more orders without having to increase staff.

While Steeling Hunter is continuing to integrate HARMONiQ with their existing system and machines, there is no denying the difference they have already seen in their sales process, customer interactions and overall efficiency.

“HARMONiQ is intuitive, the information’s a lot more transparent, it’s a lot more flexible – we’ve done the right thing moving to a new system.”

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