How to take advantage of a changing software industry change to drive sales

It’s no big secret, the landscape of software sales is changing – your buyers want a platform that does more for less, and faster. So ask yourself, what are you doing to effectively cope and adapt to these changes?

Having worked with many software implementers across Australia and New Zealand, a few key themes have emerged when discussing the challenges they currently face. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes they were making:

  • Many software implementers rarely modernise their product offering to meet the changing needs of businesses, leaving them trying to sell outdated legacy products to a market that’s just not interested anymore.
  • As CEOs and GMs become increasingly involved in IT investment decisions, their sales teams aren’t equipped with the right resources and training to sell to a different kind of buyer. By getting caught up in the technical features, they forget to, or simply can’t, demonstrate ROI and value to the business that these buyers crave to see;
  • They have outdated implementation and support models that fail to meet the speedy expectations of today’s buyers.

While many companies were often aware of their weaknesses in this evolving market, some actually avoid doing anything about it. What usually happens then is their pipelines become bare, they lose existing clients to the more innovative providers, and their revenue slowly begins to dry up.

That’s definitely not an appealing outlook for any business. So how do you avoid making the same mistakes?

I’m going to share with you an idea so simple, but so astoundingly on the money that it may blow your mind a little… give your buyers what they want. A simple idea, but so many businesses just don’t do enough with it.

Based on what we already know about today’s business software buyers, they want to see;

  • Ease of use and convenience;
  • The ability to customise the product to suit their needs;
  • A guaranteed ROI; and
  • A quick and painless implementation phase.

Try to sell an outdated legacy product to one of these buyers – my guess is you’re probably not going to get past the first half of the demo.

If you want to appeal to a modern market, you have to provide them with an innovative and compelling product, something that’s going to get them genuinely excited about the benefits it can bring to their business.

HARMONiQ Business Tuning Software is one such product that could reinvigorate your business. With HARMONiQ, you can rely on:

  • A beautifully designed and user-friendly interface that never leaves a buyer unimpressed;
  • Seamless integration of all your clients’ key business functions, including financials, BI, inventory and marketing giving them full control and visibility in one convenient platform;
  • The ability to give your clients a choice between on premise hosting or the increasingly popular option of hosting on the cloud;
  • A true partnership that provides your team with the training and resources to equip them with the skills to effectively advise your clients on best practices for getting the most out of their software to deliver ROI;
  • A scalable solution that will continue to grow with your clients, and with HARMONiQ being a licensed product on a subscription-based model, there is a great opportunity to reap long term benefits from a single sale; and
  • A comprehensive implementation roadmap, with access to a panel of 3 professional HARMONiQ consultants to provide advice on every project, to guarantee you the smallest implementation footprint and fastest customisation times in the industry.

You’re probably thinking, “This all sounds great, Drew, but I’m not just going to take your word for it.” Fair call, I probably wouldn’t either.

Which is why I’m offering you the chance to see HARMONiQ in action. Put HARMONiQ to the test in a live, interactive, one-on-one session with me, and see for yourself if HARMONiQ could be the answer to meeting your buyers’ long list of demands and expectations in today’s market.

Register your interest using the form below, email me at or give me a call on +61 412 421 350 to arrange a one-on-one HARMONiQ trial.

See HARMONiQ in action

Drew Arthur is the Managing Director of Micronet Systems, and is focused on working with accountants and professional services providers to help their clients tune their businesses by leveraging cutting-edge technology. If you want to help your clients gain further efficiencies within their business while boosting your own revenue, click here to see how HARMONiQ Business Tuning Software can make a difference to their business and your own, or get in touch.


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