Automated warehouse system

Is your business suited for investing in an automated warehouse system?

Big businesses have been utilising automated warehouse systems for some time now to help them better process their large inventories.

However, thanks to software development and customisation capabilities, these systems are now being effectively used by businesses of all sizes.

Complexities of inventory and distribution businesses of all sizes can drive costs up and productivity down. This makes these businesses ideal candidates for an automated warehouse system.

If you’re one of them, read on to find out why an automated warehouse system could be a smart investment for you.

The hidden cost of inefficient warehouse management

Relying on a mix of automation and manual processes, unintegrated systems and data silos is pretty common in inventory-heavy industries.

And when you’re used to running a business like this, it can be harder to see the inefficiencies it causes – it all becomes part of business.

But in truth, inefficiencies in your business can cost you in all sorts of ways:

  • Reduced staff productivity
  • Lost and misplaced stock
  • Inability to remain competitive
  • Bad ordering decisions and slow ordering rates
  • Poor service

When your warehouse system isn’t fully automated, you’re always on the back foot, with no visibility across your business, your stock or your customers.

Help your staff do their job better with warehouse automation

If you struggle with any of the above, it could pay to look and your system to see if it’s optimised for efficiency. If not, an automated warehouse system could help your business and your bottom line. Help your staff do their job better with warehouse automation

Automated warehouse systems help by automating a lot of the processes that take time and effort – and are prone to human error.

While some mistake it for replacing jobs, it’s actually a solution that makes jobs easier for the people doing them.

Reduce stock management and stocktake

By automating warehouse inventory, you’ll know what is where, and exactly how much. If something goes missing, you’ll know exactly when it happened. No need to make staff manually track down or count stock.

Improve ordering

Automated system can set up a process to automatically reorder when a part is out, so you’re never out of stock. It can also give sales teams insight into buyer behaviour, giving you the ability to order more or less of something depending on demand

Minimise errors

When staff are forced to do tedious manual work and data entry, mistakes are bound to happen. Automate deliveries, orders, stocktake and more to minimise errors and maximise return – and free up your staff to focus on other important tasks

Simplify pricing

Not only can automation make it easier to keep up with competitive market pricing, but it empowers your road reps to easily take prices at customer price, improving sales results.

An automated warehouse system pays for itself

When it comes down to it, if your business is dealing with high volume, complex inventory, warehouse automation could be one of the best investments you can make.

The return you’ll see will come in all forms – through less staff overtime, better stock ordering, a more streamlined sales and delivery process… the list goes on.

By simplifying your inventory and distribution processes, you have more chance of growing your business and increasing your sales performance – not to mention your customer service.

For more information about whether an automated warehouse system is right for you, download our free Effective Stock Management eBook.