Industry-Specific vs Generic ERP : The Right Fit For You

As your business grows and evolves, there comes a time for you to look for software that can streamline and automate your processes to allow you to have more control over your performance. Or you could already be using multiple pieces of software for different areas of your business but want to find an all-in-one […]

What Can You Achieve With An ERP System? How a Unified Solution Can Revolutionise How Your Business Operates

Have you ever thought that there’s something in your business that could maybe work a bit better? Whether it’s finding out when something is about to break, not after. Or your managers and directors are captives of your own business, always putting out fires rather than focusing on business development. Maybe it is something as […]

B2B eCommerce

Is your wholesale & distribution company ready for B2B eCommerce?

In traditional business-to-consumer environments, the demand for eCommerce is obvious, being almost impossible to be competitive without it. In wholesale & distribution and other B2B environments, its use case has historically not been as clear. With growing end-user expectations; ease of experience, competitive pricing, and perceived value are crucial to unlocking success in today’s rapidly […]

Sales Wins

How to set your Sales Team up for wins

Nearly every business starts off the new year with a new sense of enthusiasm and a new set of business goals. And I’d be willing to bet that for 99% of those companies, those goals include increased sales targets. It’s great to set a goal. It’s smart to plan for where you want your business […]

ecommerce integration

Micronet Systems & Aphix unite to streamline online trading for HARMONiQ customers

HARMONiQ is delighted to partner with Aphix Software to help growing companies across Australia and New Zealand to Sell Smarter with integrated eCommerce and More. Having already worked together on several integrated eCommerce projects in the Australian and New Zealand markets, HARMONiQ & Aphix are looking forward to continuing to help distribution and wholesale companies […]

ERP Automation

Why now is the time to adopt automation

‘Digital transformation’ and ‘automation’ have been buzzwords around the warehouse and distribution industry for a few years now. It’s been pretty much accepted that they’d be part of our future – that the next decade would include a big change in the way we use digital technology. However, 2020 has turned that idea upside down. […]

Three ways to use business data to boost your profits

Three ways to use data to boost your profits

Most businesses leaders are currently living with a lot of uncertainty. There’s very little clarity around the long term (or even short term) impact that the events of 2020 will have on the warehouse and distribution industry in general, and their business specifically. It doesn’t seem to matter if you’ve taken a hit, or have […]

Business growth

Taken a hit? Set your business up to recover – and grow bigger

Last month, I discussed how warehouse and distribution businesses can prepare for the ‘new normal’. A large part of this was about growing customer bases and expanding into new markets. But if we look further ahead, the goal for many isn’t just getting back to ‘normal’ – it’s continued growth. This major disruption has (and […]

Future of work warehouse & distribution

What’s next? Preparing for the ‘new normal’ and strengthening your customer base

For the last couple of months, many industries have been grappling with massive and sudden losses and changes. Yet many of the warehouse and distribution businesses I’ve spoken with have been able to adapt well. While a lot have seen some sort of downturn, they have, for the most part, avoided any extreme shifts in […]

The benefit of long-term thinking: How to make downtime valuable

How do you successfully plan in a time when no one knows what’s coming next, or what could change tomorrow? It’s a question many businesses are facing thanks to COVID-19. In warehouse and distribution, some of us are in a more fortunate position than many other businesses. I am yet to hear (so far) of […]

Controlling cost margins with an ERP system

Comparing costs: Poorly controlled margins vs. ERP systems

The state of the Australian economy is worrying for many. For retailers, warehousing and distribution businesses, it’s particularly concerning. A slow-moving economy and poor sales results across the industry mean that controlling internal business costs is more important than ever. We don’t have much control over the economy. We also don’t have too much control […]

Business alignment using an ERP System

How to align your sales team using an ERP

‘Alignment’ can be a bit of a buzzword for businesses. But what does it actually mean? And is it something you should be worried about it? At the very least, it’s something you should think about. Misalignment can happen in multiple areas of business. But in my experience, working with warehouse and distribution companies, I […]

How an ERP system can improve your visibility – and your business

At any given time, a hundred different things are going on in your business that are all vital to its success. Receiving payments, closing sales, ordering, counting, delivering stock… Just thinking about it is enough to give you a headache. Having a handle on every part of your business can feel impossible. But it’s also […]

Avoid disrupted growth with ERP systems

How an ERP system can help you avoid the heartache of disrupted growth

Growth is almost always a positive thing, especially when it comes to business. If your business is growing, you can generally expect that will mean more customers, bigger profits and wider recognition of your brand. Overall, you’ll be more successful, right? I’ve also seen business growth completely overwhelm businesses and cause them to miss their […]

ERP System automation

Unlock the value in quotes and turn them into sales with automation

Running a successful and competitive business isn’t easy (or cheap), so it’s important to find value wherever you can. There are many different ways managers try to add value and profit to their business: pricing better, buying better, cash control, speed to market… The list goes on. In my experience though, the place that most […]

Data-driven decision making through an ERP

Improve decision-making through data insights with ERP software

One of the biggest benefits of ERP software is the access and visibility that it gives you to your business data. Whether or not you use ERP software, you will have lots and lots of data floating around your business. But only with an ERP system will you be able to easily and accurately utilise […]

Automated workflow software

What is workflow automation software – and why do you need it?

Workflow automation software immediately sounds like something confusing and complex. But in reality, it is something quite the opposite. Workflow automation software works to simplify and control complex business processes, by integrating systems, automating processes and carrying out certain rules. One of the biggest costs to inventory and distribution businesses is lost time and stock, […]

Process automation software

What is ERP software and why does your business need it?

Many businesses now swear by ERP software – and there’s good reason for it. ERP software has the power to help you manage your business, and your growth, more effectively. By making every-day business processes easier, it enables you the time and capabilities to run a better, bigger and more successful business. But while it […]

Automated warehouse system

5 benefits of installing an automated warehouse system

Automated warehouse systems are made to make nearly every aspect of your business easier. Complex inventory-heavy businesses with high volume distribution can easily find it hard to keep on top of everything. And when you can’t efficiently control your stock, you run the risk of losing time, money and ultimately customers. An automated warehouse system […]

Automated warehouse system

Is your business suited for investing in an automated warehouse system?

Big businesses have been utilising automated warehouse systems for some time now to help them better process their large inventories. However, thanks to software development and customisation capabilities, these systems are now being effectively used by businesses of all sizes. Complexities of inventory and distribution businesses of all sizes can drive costs up and productivity […]

Business Management Software


As you may know, it’s not impossible to handle all of the specifics of a company without using business management software. A lot of businesses get away with it. But, by managing your business processes manually, you are costing your business a lot more in the long run – through inventory shrinkage, missed opportunities and […]

Inventory Management software

How your Inventory Management Software pays for itself

ERP systems offer a huge range of capabilities and features to businesses, one of the major ones being inventory management software. However, many businesses aren’t sure about implementing an ERP system because of the effort and cost that comes with it. What they don’t factor in though is that the cost of their current inventory […]

Business Management Software in warehouse


All businesses today use some form of business management software. Company management software is so prevalent that you’d have a harder time finding a business that doesn’t use one. But for a complex inventory and distribution-based business, with intricate warehousing processes, finding a business management software that suits your needs can be a challenge. You […]

Inventory Management


Inventory management software can help simplify and improve your control over your company’s inventory. Without an inventory management system software, your business will have to control its inventory and all of its proceedings manually. This can be time-consuming and inefficient. Not to mention, because it requires so much manual effort, it also exposes your company […]

Leveraging inventory management software to increase visibility and reduce costs

Most businesses would say that increasing productivity and boosting profits are two things that are vitally important to them. However, most businesses also engage in inventory management techniques that are draining both time and money from their business. Manual inventory control processes – which many businesses rely on – cost more than you might imagine. […]

Downfalls of manual stock inventory control

How inventory management software is solving the 3 big problems of manual stock control

Every aspect of your business is important, but stock could be considered the backbone of the whole operation. After all, it’s what your customers come for – and what brings in the profit. Unfortunately, I see many businesses that don’t treat their stock like the valuable asset it is. Of course, no-one does this on […]

Technology can help your buisness grow

Get the results of a big company with the resources of a small one using business management software

Big businesses don’t just start big – they’ve managed to grow over time to become the success stories they are today. And while some of this can be put down to luck, perseverance or smart investing, there’s one factor that always contributes to their ongoing success – technology. Traditionally, technology has been implemented by businesses […]

CRMs help you understand your customers buying behaviour

How to use business CRM software to increase customer satisfaction – and profits

There’s no denying that if you want to grow your business, you need to grow your revenue. But this doesn’t necessarily mean putting all your effort into growing your customer base. In fact, retaining and growing your existing customer base is more cost effective for your business than attempting to gain more customers. Don’t go […]

Workflow automation

Utilising workflow automation software to improve productivity and profit

When we think about the factors that could be affecting the profitability of our business, our mind often skips straight to the big-ticket items – sales, cost structures or inventory. While it’s important to consider these bigger aspects, we often forget to think about other smaller inefficiencies that could be present – practices that have […]

ERP benefits

How to ensure effective ERP implementation

Fail to plan, plan to fail. The idea of what a new ERP system and process automation can deliver for your business is exciting – but before you can experience the benefits, you need to undertake a successful implementation. In our last blog, we talked about how to decide whether an ERP system is right […]

Is an ERP system the right move for you?

The opportunities and benefits of workflow automation Whenever you’re considering a change in business process, it’s important to know why you’re making the change and what you’re getting out of it – especially when it’s going to affect the entire organisation. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are software solutions that automate complex business processes. They […]

Should you be selling online? Discover if e-commerce is right for your business

Have you been thinking about online selling? If you are, the good news is that online sales reached $1.5 trillion dollars worldwide in 2016, and over the last 2 years has continued to grow. That number demonstrates that customers are increasingly refusing to be limited by physical boundaries and the need to shop in store […]

Seeking a competitive advantage? Try automation and cost controls.

In my last blog, I spoke about the massive issues caused by manual systems, and how adopting process automation can help you control costs and eliminate these inefficiencies. But in competitive industries such as wholesale, distribution, or retail, you need to do much more than just eliminate inefficiencies. Every dollar counts, so you need to […]

Lost inventory getting you down? Fight inventory shrinkage with process automation.

It’s estimated that Australian wholesalers and retailers lose an average of 1.24% of total turnover per year through various forms of inventory shrinkage. That adds up to a huge amount of money — last year alone, it was estimated that a staggering $4.5 billion was lost due to inventory shrinkage in Australia’s retail, warehousing and distribution […]

3 essential considerations before you implement new margin and cost controls

In a globalised market that is fiercely competitive, your business needs to outperform its competitors wherever and whenever it can. One huge opportunity for competitive advantage is margin and cost optimisation. Last month, we established the importance of introducing tighter margin and cost controls. (And the risks of not doing it.) The next step: how […]

Tightening cost and margin controls to weather uncertain times

A decade of blistering change — technology advances, economic uncertainties and rising customer expectations — has shifted the ground seismically for retail, warehousing and distribution businesses. And there’s only more uncertainty ahead. Probably the greatest threat (or opportunity, depending on where you sit) is the growing inroads made by e-commerce. The arrival of Amazon, in […]

How to gain efficiency with an automated warehouse system

Many businesses find that as they grow, their warehousing becomes inefficient and drags behind them. Very few businesses have warehouses optimised for productivity, and continuing to rely on labour-intensive processes results in poor resource utilisation and ineffective inventory management. The consequences of inefficient warehousing are numerous and affect all aspects of an organisation, especially revenue […]

3 reasons why every business should be thinking about inventory control

There’s no doubt that gaining control of your stock and learning how to manage it is one of the most challenging things you could do for your business. The best way to think about stock is to treat it like cash – if you wouldn’t leave $100 notes lying around your warehouse, why would you […]

Big Data solutions for businesses: Why Big Data is no longer just for big businesses

Does real-time data back your organisation’s decision-making or are you relying on a gut feel approach? With a world of data out there, think about how much more your business could improve if it were backed by actual results and insights from past performance. Many people think leveraging Big Data is unaffordable and too time-consuming […]

Big Data for businesses: becoming a data driven organisation

Is data driving the business decisions you make in your organisation? Are your business decisions rooted in actual results and insights from performance, or are they just based on gut feel? Small to medium businesses have traditionally relied on gut feel alone to drive decision making. It’s not because organisations are unwilling to crunch the […]

3 crucial questions to consider when looking for a long-term ERP system

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform is a powerful piece of software that encompasses inventory, sales, business management, and accounting systems. If you’re in the market for an ERP system, you’ll know that choosing and deploying one is not a quick-fix job All too often, I’ve seen businesses jump head-first into ERP implementation projects with […]

4 customer relationship management (CRM) mistakes Australian businesses are making

Customer Relationship Management software (CRMs) still remain a hotly debated topic amongst Australian businesses. Should you invest now, or is it a passing trend? But hearing statistics like ‘a CRM can increase revenue by 41% per salesperson’ and ‘on average CRMs deliver a return of $8.70 for every $1 spent’* makes you wonder why so […]

Reactive vs. Proactive business management. Is your monitoring holding you back?

The difference between Reactive vs. Proactive business management I’ve spoken with many business leaders across Australia and NZ who feel held back by their systems and processes, and they’re all familiar with many of the same issues… ‘I didn’t know’ / ‘Out of stock again’ / ‘System won’t let me do that’ / ‘finding new […]

Is your business ready for an ERP solution?

Implementing an ERP solution is something you’ve probably considered at some point for your business. It’s a smart, strategic investment – and a good one doesn’t come cheaply or easily. But the advantages of investing in the right ERP solution at the right time can be invaluable, perfectly positioning your business for growth and expansion. […]

How automated lead generation processes can help you bring in more revenue

Are great leads the life-blood of your business? Some businesses have no trouble generating enquiries and getting repeat customers. But for many it can be a struggle altogether. Lead generation can even be seasonal and hard to predict – making strategic planning a challenge. Traditionally, most businesses think they need to burn more shoe leather, […]

4 ways Australian businesses are leveraging process automation for competitive advantage

In competitive industries such as manufacturing, distribution, or wholesale businesses, continuing to rely on how things have always been done can be the fastest way to being left behind. This is why many Australian businesses are leveraging process automation. While operational change can be daunting – it can often involve a significant investment of time and […]

Wholesale & Distribution KPIs you need to start tracking right now

As a distribution or wholesale company, there are probably a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you’re keeping a close eye on. With so many moving parts, you can’t really afford not to. But the best-of-breed companies always seems to do things a little differently, and that includes the wholesale and distribution KPIs they […]

Three of the best inventory management techniques every SME should be using

If you’re in the manufacturing, warehousing, retail or distribution industries, you understand the challenges of staying up to date with the best inventory management techniques. Working with similar companies across Australia and New Zealand, whenever we discuss inventory, it’s always bout how much everybody just hates keeping track of stock. And due to this disdain, […]

Business process automation: How to get the most out of your staff

Some business owners seem to regard business process automation with suspicion – they don’t want to see their companies taken over by bots… But in reality, without the ‘bots’ many of the world’s biggest, most profitable companies would never have gotten where they are today. When business process automation is well-planned and implemented, results show […]

Business process automation: How to get the most out of your staff

Some business owners seem to regard business process automation with suspicion – they don’t want to see their companies taken over by bots… But in reality, without the ‘bots’ many of the world’s biggest, most profitable companies would never have got where they are today. When business process automation is well-planned and implemented, results show that […]

4 ways the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help you deliver the best possible customer experience

The skill every company wants to master is excellent customer service. Because once you’ve got a customer hooked on a great experience, they’ll likely keep coming back for more. However, if they’re disappointed with your service? Most disgruntled customers probably won’t even complain – they’ll just leave. And what may result is an unexplainably dwindling […]

4 ways the right business management software can help you deliver the best possible customer experience

The skill every company wants to master is excellent customer service. Because once you’ve got someone hooked on a great customer experience, they’ll keep coming back for more. However, if they’re disappointed with your service? Most disgruntled customers probably won’t even complain – they’ll just leave. And what may result is an unexplainably dwindling customer […]

Systems investment to grow your business: How to ensure a return

If you’re serious about growing your business in 2016, no doubt you kicked off the year with a clear plan for growth… But have you considered whether your systems investment is right to support your business’s growth? Unfortunately, when it comes to implementing software, most SME business owners hold themselves back by heavily focusing on […]

3 ways CRM software can help you improve customer retention and grow your revenue

Chances are, it’s that time of the year for you: you’ve reviewed your performance in 2015, given yourself a kick in the shins, or a pat on the back, are now looking over the horizon into 2016… what can you do (even) better this year? There’s always one goal at the top of everyone’s list: […]

The top 4 software implementation process challenges getting in the way of a successful project

As challenging as it may feel at the time, you and I both know, closing a new software implementation deal is only half the battle. Once that’s done, you have to actually deliver your project on schedule, within budget, and to a satisfied client… which in our industry can be easier said than done. Failing […]

How the best graphical business reporting tools help you make better decisions

Growing beyond your spreadsheets Before we get into a discussion around graphical business reporting, take a few minutes to think about your business. You probably already know: What your best-selling product or service is? Which customer buys it most often? Which region it sells best in? But are you thinking about how all this impacts […]

How the right business management software can keep your clients from outgrowing your services

Growth is good: it’s what we want for all our clients. But business growth also brings with it a lot of change. As you know, when a business grows they find themselves rapidly acquiring more customers, hiring new staff, and requiring access to more and more data to inform their decisions. While everyone wants to […]

How SMEs are using software to transform their sales processes and drive more revenue

Many SMEs are still reluctant to invest in CRM (customer relationship management) software, perhaps thinking that such tool are generally more suited to larger businesses. Luckily, this is no longer true. While CRM may have started out as an enterprise-level tool, today there are solutions built specifically for SMEs and their unique requirements. And savvy […]

How businesses are using CRM software to overcome challenges and improve productivity

As you are no doubt aware, there are many challenges working in today’s SME environment. Not only do you have to effectively manage the day-to-day business operations, you have to do so with markets that are increasingly competitive, and buyers that are more and more demanding. As we’ve seen happen all too often, many businesses […]

How to take advantage of a changing software industry change to drive sales

It’s no big secret, the landscape of software sales is changing – your buyers want a platform that does more for less, and faster. So ask yourself, what are you doing to effectively cope and adapt to these changes? Having worked with many software implementers across Australia and New Zealand, a few key themes have […]

4 ways Australian businesses are leveraging process automation for competitive advantage

In competitive industries such as manufacturing, distribution, or wholesale businesses, continuing to rely on how things have always been done can be the fastest way to being left behind. While operational change can be daunting – it can often involve a significant investment of time and finances – the benefit of updating your processes and […]

5 things to look for in a CRM to help you communicate with your customers regularly

Our customers are changing: they are more informed, more demanding, and have far higher expectations than ever before. So, how does one keep up in this new customer-driven environment? You must become customer-focused in your approach to business. And given the rapid pace of change in our market, you can’t afford to put it off […]

Towards true customer-centricity in your business

What you missed if you didn’t attend the CeBIT conference this year By Drew Arthur We’re back from the CeBIT conference and there’s so much we’re keen to share with you. It was a big three days with a stellar line up of inspiring speakers and a vast expo, featuring some of the latest innovations […]

Transformation in Business Management launching at CeBIT 2015

Introducing HARMONiQ Business Tuning software by Micronet Systems We are very excited to officially launch HARMONiQ Business Tuning Software at CeBIT Australia 2015. The launch event will take place at 12.00pm on May 6th 2015 at the HARMONiQ booth (O26), at the CeBIT Expo,Sydney Olympic Park… and you’re invited! We expect HARMONiQ to have a significant […]

Stronger control for a more effective, efficient sales process

By Drew Arthur In working with a number of growing businesses, it has come to my attention recently that many business leaders struggle with establishing and maintaining control over the sales processes of their business. Without control, the sales team are left to their own devices and often, this seems to play out in a […]

What your Sales process is costing you

By Drew Arthur Let’s be honest, your Sales process is probably fraught with inefficiencies. And you’re not alone. A shocking number of Small and Medium Businesses are content to accommodate a significant amount of inefficiency within their sales processes. What they may not realise is how much money they are leaving on the table, or […]

Earn more from your median-value customers – without increasing headcount

By Drew Arthur If you could elevate the revenue you earn from your median-value customers closer to your top value customers without increasing your head count, would you do it? Of course you would. But how…?

4 simple steps you can take right now to increase revenue from your sales quotations

By Drew Arthur So much depends on a sales quotation: making the sale, generating revenue, and driving the customer relationship forward. But they don’t always get the attention they deserve. We leave it up to the salesperson to do what they will and often, they’re never heard of again. And your sales, revenue, and relationships […]