The Business Tuners: Can you spot the new force redefining what accounting software you offer?

By Drew Arthur

With all the changes that are happening in the accounting and professional services industry, it’s simply not enough to keep doing what you’ve always been doing.

Part of staying on the front foot is about being able to spot the changes as they happen and prepare proactively. A change we’ve been tracking recently is the emergence of a new kind of accounting software buyer.

Who are they?

They are leaders of businesses that are in or are just entering growth mode. They are experiencing a lot of changes and are doing a lot of new things they’ve never had to do before. So much is going on at once, they can’t really keep track of it all.

In addition, they have less time on their hands to do a lot more. As a result, they’re hiring new employees, implementing new systems, and delegating tasks. For what may be the first time, they have to give up control.

At Micronet Systems, we call them (quite conveniently) the “Business Tuners”.

What are they after?

Here’s why we call them the Business Tuners. With all the things going on in their business, they want to regain some of the visibility and control they’ve had to give up since the business started its growth spurt. They want to be able to tune their businesses.

Given their increasingly busy diaries, the best way they can achieve this is by engaging external expertise and automation.

So, what they’re after is a combined software and services solution that will help them not only keep their business ticking along, but also give them the visibility and control they need to optimise it. To help streamline processes, drive up productivity, and increase efficiency in their business to help them keep riding the growth curve as long as possible!

How are they redefining what accounting software you should offer?

Just accounting software is no longer sufficient. Everything in their business needs to be able to do more, and their systems are no exception. When working with such clients, you should be recommending software that:

  •      Provides seamless visibility across the entire business;
  •      Establishes control through automation;
  •      Integrates across all the key business functions such as management, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and customer service;
  •      Can scale as they continue to grow;
  •      Is easily customisable to the specific needs of the business; and
  •      Provides you with insightful, whole-of business information to base your advice and consulting on.

I hope these thoughts will help you when working with growing businesses and help you identify what they may be looking for. If you are working (or have worked) with such clients and would like to discuss your experiences, call me on 02 9542 2000.

If you’ve got some thoughts on my blog, please leave your comments below.

Drew Arthur is the Managing Director of Micronet Systems, and is focused on working with accountants and professional services providers to help their clients tune their businesses by leveraging cutting-edge technology. If you want to help your clients gain further efficiencies within their business while boosting your own revenue, click here to see how HARMONiQ Business Tuning Software can make a difference to their business and your own, or get in touch.

Business Tuning is here!

Pre-empting this growing need in the market, we designed HARMONiQ Business Tuning Software to help businesses like yours drive more value from your client engagements. To see how a partnership with HARMONiQ can benefit both your business and your clients’, read our HARMONiQ Partner Case Study, which describes how a trusted accounting firm successfully diversified their business to add more value to their client’s businesses, increase their billable hours, and boost their bottom line.

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