Process automation software

What is ERP software and why does your business need it?

Many businesses now swear by ERP software – and there’s good reason for it.

ERP software has the power to help you manage your business, and your growth, more effectively. By making every-day business processes easier, it enables you the time and capabilities to run a better, bigger and more successful business.

But while it can be a big advantage, ERP systems are also a big investment and commitment. So, before making your decision, it’s important to understand – why is it worth it, and why do you need it?

Has growth stalled in your business?

If, like many businesses, your goal is growth, you’re likely to struggle without some sort of automation software.

You might think “but my business has been growing”. That’s very common of those who invest in ERP software. When businesses are experiencing growth they often come to 2 conclusions that lead them to consider an ERP System. Firstly, they could be growing at a faster rate. Secondly, their processes are not keeping up with their growth.

There are some obvious clues that can mean you’re struggling with your current process and are being held back from faster business growth:

  • Your current systems can’t support complex tasks, forcing your team to complete them manually
  • You can’t access data quickly and easily, and you can’t ensure it’s accurate – leaving you in the dark or relying on historical data
  • You lack the resources to support your growth and have had to rely on band-aid solutions like system add-ons and temporary staff

These factors might not completely stop growth or everyday operations, but they’ll certainly slow them down and increase your chances of mistakes and poor service.

A quick fix won’t go the distance

Your business isn’t a short-term venture, so your solutions shouldn’t be either. Multiple, smaller, ‘band-aid’ solutions can make the problem worse, by further isolating processes and information.

You need an answer that isn’t a quick fix, and that can help business-wide.

ERP software offers the power of automation to deliver one integrated, powerful, and flexible solution that will:

  • Free up time through automated tasks and processes
  • Give instant access to accurate data, to and from the entire business
  • Give full visibility of workflows
  • Acts as an extra resource (or several of them), automating tedious manual tasks
  • Make light work of complex business processes

ERP software is the all-in-one solution

Utilising technology to simplify tasks is the new norm. It isn’t taking over jobs – it’s making them easier, more focused and providing more value.

ERP software is the total solution, strengthening processes across the business for better collaboration, organisation and ultimately, growth.

With the right ERP software and supplier, you can achieve true scalability, flexibility, and customisation. That means that as your business grows and changes, you won’t outgrow your software.

And, you can choose which capabilities are the most relevant for your business – without over-confusing yourself or your staff with irrelevant features.

The question is not, do you need ERP software, but more, what will you do with it?

To get a better idea about the capabilities of ERP software and how it can work for your business, download our free ERP Automation eBook here, or contact the HARMONiQ team.