Automated workflow software

What is workflow automation software – and why do you need it?

Workflow automation software immediately sounds like something confusing and complex. But in reality, it is something quite the opposite.

Workflow automation software works to simplify and control complex business processes, by integrating systems, automating processes and carrying out certain rules.

One of the biggest costs to inventory and distribution businesses is lost time and stock, through inefficient and unproductive processes.

By eliminating and automating time-consuming, confusing and inaccurate tasks, you immediately save your business from these costs.

Are you losing more time than you can afford?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Many business processes take a long time – and have to be repeated over and over again for each order, delivery, and invoice.
  • Data is inaccurate because it’s too old, or someone has manually entered it incorrectly
  • Training new staff is difficult and time-consuming, and business is slowed down during these times
  • You don’t have visibility over the entire workflow, and teams don’t have visibility over what each other are doing

These are all signs of a manual and unintegrated system. It’s inefficient and it drains productivity with repetitive, error-prone tasks, no strict process rules and confusing communication.

When it comes down to it, time is money, and overall these inefficient practices will cost your business and see you fall behind competitors.

Create time-saving rules with workflow automation software

The reason a lot of these problems happen is because of one basic idea – there are no clear process rules in place.

Sure, you might have told and trained staff on how to do things and have general business ‘best practice’. But this can be taken to a whole new level with automation.

Workflow automation software allows you to easily streamline tasks and ensure they’re uniform across the business. It allows you to set the rules – and then enforces them every single time.

So, what does this look like?

  • Every task can only be carried out one way – the way you set it up to be
  • You can schedule updates and communications to teams and customers in advance
  • Data is stored in a central system for access and accuracy
  • Thanks to point one, training becomes simple and stress-free
  • You have full visibility over all processes being carried out

When you can see the entire workflow, you can recognise and minimise errors, and people across the business can improve outcomes.

Workflow automation takes processes that usually take expertise and close management and automates them – saving time, money and mistakes.

Start embracing the benefits of automation

Workflow automation software is helpful for all businesses but essential for those with manual, multiple or confusing processes. As well as those trying to grow.

Through workflow automation software you can immediately:

  • Reduce tedious manual tasks
  • Improve communication
  • Reduce data inaccuracies
  • Remove reliance on paper and find things more easily

The beauty is, the more you use it the more uses you’ll find for it.

Workflow automation software is how many businesses, regardless of size, are improving their business management. From managing stock to sales and everything in between.

To find out more about whether workflow automation software is the right answer for your business, download our free ERP Automation eBook here, or visit the HARMONiQ home page.