When was the last time you made a software sale?

By Drew Arthur

Consolidation in the software landscape means a few, large players have emerged at the top of the heap, rendering many legacy products irrelevant and out of date.

Including those you may still be trying to sell.

Ask yourself, have you:

  • Made your way through a product demo only to realise your customer really wasn’t that impressed?
  • Had to rely solely on your sales acumen to get a deal over the line?
  • Not been able to make a sale at all?

You’re not alone. With so many ageing platforms still on the market, many software implementers are feeling like they’re backing the wrong horse. Unfortunately, most wait too long to do something about it.

For these businesses, sales are fewer and further in between, while existing customers are lost to newer, more exciting alternatives. Revenue is dwindling. Growth is a distant dream. They’re stuck in survival mode!

Don’t let this happen to your business. Don’t keep dumping your time, energy, and investment to a declining product.

Instead, introduce your customers to something new, exciting, and really compelling.

Act now. Seek out a partnership with a solution that:

  • Is new and beautifully designed, sure to impress your buyers on sight;
  • Is functionally comprehensive, offering your customers end-to-end visibility and control over their business;
  • Complements your skills, making it easier for you to add value to your customers
  • Is affordable, so your existing customers can still benefit; and
  • You can sell confidently, knowing that it will deliver on your promises.

Wondering how many of these points HARMONiQ Business Tuning Software ticks? Well, I wrote this blog, so you can bet your last dollar that it ticks every last one of them!

Here’s how:

  • HARMONiQ is both visually and functionally attractive, and does exceptionally well during a demo. In my eighteen months of demonstrating this solution to buyers, it’s never left anyone unimpressed.

  • It also incorporates all key business functions – financials, commercials, Business Intelligence, inventory management, customer relationship management, and marketing – within a single, seamlessly integrated platform to give your customers all the visibility and control they need.

  • HARMONiQ was always intended to be sold through a network of partner businesses such as yours. That means it’s inherently designed to give you the opportunity to leverage your domain expertise and own IP to facilitate your clients’ growth, so that you can embed your services into their businesses. The idea is that together both you and the software become even better.

  • Because HARMONiQ is licensed on a subscription-based model, there is a great opportunity build a significant stream of recurring revenue from the market you know and understand.

  • As for being able to sell it with confidence, I can tell you all about it, or I can show you.

To put me to the test, leave your details in the form below to request a call or send me an email on drew@harmoniq.com.au.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Find out more and put me (and HARMONiQ) to the test.

I hope this blog will help you as you plan your partnership strategy for 2015 and beyond. If you are facing any of the issues I’ve written about above and would like to discuss, please call me on 02 9542 2000.

Alternatively, tell me your thoughts about this blog by leaving a comment below.

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