Streamline your franchise business with a comprehensive, user-friendly ERP system

HARMONiQ allows you to gain total control over your sales, accounting and overall business management with our highly-personalised franchise management software.

What can HARMONiQ do for franchisors?


Don’t waste time gathering individual data anymore. The general ledger is the core, where all financial data is recorded. Monthly, quarterly and yearly management accounts can then be produced — supporting multi-location franchises like yours.


Have all your sales data in one place! This feature records both purchases and sales orders for every franchise location. It also allows users to schedule demand, manage inventory and provides a clean flow of information across your entire franchise.


Track and manage all the customer interactions of every franchise. All correspondence is available — from emails, to quotes, orders and invoices. Your sales pipeline is completely built-in, allowing for accurate and individualistic sales forecasting for each site.

All essential business functions within a single, mobile system — so you can manage them from anywhere at any time

  • Accounting

    HARMONiQ’s general ledger provides powerful financials for your franchise — capable of supporting numerous stores across multi-currency trade if required.

  • Inventory Management

    Saves time by being able to stock, track and clearly display stock levels across all your franchises locations — so you never have to chase up inventory again.

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting

    Generate insightful reports, forecast revenue and track your pipeline on all aspects of your multi-location franchise with advanced reporting functions.

  • Stock Control

    Get automated and accurate real-time insights in your stock, allowing you to easily manage stock levels according to orders and sales at each franchise location.

  • Warehouse Management

    Get full visibility of your entire inventory in every warehouse.

  • Sales Orders & Quotes

    Produce automated and accurate quotes with powerful costing capabilities from each of your specific franchise locations. Understand leakage through comprehensive lost sale analysis.

  • Team Collaboration

    Provide all your staff from multiple locations with one centralised platform for tracking and collaborating on sales, inventory, and performance.

  • Integrated eMarketing

    Produce beautifully designed emails with sophisticated segmenting to communicate and build relationships with your customers across all locations. You can also send and track these targeted emails on a large scale.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Collect, curate and segment all customer data in one easy to access location to streamline how each franchise sells and communicates with their customers.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Integrate your financials, reporting, sales and CRM platforms to give you an accurate big-picture view of your franchises performance to plan effectively for the future.

  • Retail POS

    Your sales staff at each franchise will have full visibility of inventory for multiple warehouses.

  • Workflow Automation

    Transform your franchise’s efficiency with clever and customisable workflow automation.

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