ERP benefits

How to ensure effective ERP implementation for your clients

Fail to plan, plan to fail. The idea of what a new ERP system and process automation can deliver for your client’s business is exciting – but before they can experience the benefits, they need to undertake a successful implementation. In our last blog, we talked about how to decide whether an ERP system is […]

Is an ERP system the right move for your clients?

The opportunities and benefits of workflow automation Whenever your clients are considering a change in business process, it’s important to know why they’re making the change and what they’re getting out of it – especially when it’s going to affect their entire organisation. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are software solutions that automate complex business […]

Should your clients be selling online? Discover if e-commerce is right for their business

Have your clients been thinking about online selling? If they are, the good news is that online sales reached $1.5 trillion dollars worldwide in 2016, and over the last 2 years has continued to grow. That number demonstrates that customers are increasingly refusing to be limited by physical boundaries and the need to shop in […]

Seeking a competitive advantage for your clients? Try automation and cost controls

In my last blog, I spoke about the massive issues caused by manual systems, and how adopting process automation can help your clients control costs and eliminate these inefficiencies. But in competitive industries such as wholesale, distribution, or retail, your clients need to do much more than just eliminate inefficiencies. Every dollar counts, so they […]

Lost inventory getting your clients down? Fight inventory shrinkage with process automation.

It’s estimated that Australian wholesalers and retailers lose an average of 1.24% of total turnover per year through various forms of inventory shrinkage. That adds up to a huge amount of money — last year alone, it was estimated that a staggering $4.5 billion was lost due to inventory shrinkage in Australia’s retail, warehousing and distribution […]

3 essential considerations before you implement new margin and cost controls for your client

In a globalised market that is fiercely competitive, businesses need to outperform their competitors wherever and whenever they can. One huge opportunity for competitive advantage is margin and cost optimisation. Last month, we established the importance of introducing tighter margin and cost controls. (And the risks of not doing it.) The next step: how to […]

Tightening cost and margin controls to weather uncertain times

A decade of blistering change — technology advances, economic uncertainties and rising customer expectations — has shifted the ground seismically for retail, warehousing and distribution businesses. And there’s only more uncertainty ahead. Probably the greatest threat (or opportunity, depending on where your clients sit) is the growing inroads made by e-commerce. The arrival of Amazon, […]

How your clients can gain efficiency with an automated warehouse system

Many businesses, including those owned by your clients, find that as they grow, their warehousing becomes inefficient and drags behind them. Very few businesses have warehouses optimised for productivity, and continuing to rely on labour-intensive processes results in poor resource utilisation and ineffective inventory management. The consequences of inefficient warehousing are numerous and affect all […]

3 reasons why your client’s business should be thinking about an inventory control system

There’s no doubt that gaining control of your clients’ stock and learning how to manage it is one of the most challenging things you could do for their business. The best way to think about your clients’ stock is to treat it like cash – if your client wouldn’t leave $100 notes lying around their […]

Big Data software for your clients: Why Big Data is changing businesses of all sizes

Does real-time data back your client’s decision-making or do they just rely on a gut feel approach? With a world of data out there, think about how much more your clients’ business could improve if they were backed by robust data analysis and insights. Many people think leveraging Big Data software is unaffordable and too […]